• Address the prevention of early childhood trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACES), and support healthy early childhood. 

Agency                                                                          HCUW Funded Program

Western Youth Network                                             Mentoring Program 

Western Youth Network                                             After School & Summer Program 

  • Create & sustain healthy environments by increasing access to healthy foods and physical activity

Agency                                                                           HCUW Funded Program

F.A.R.M. Cafe                                                                Kids Eat Free Program

W.A.M.Y. Community Action Agency                        Community Kids After School Program

  • Provide substance use prevention and treatment 

Agency                                                                            HCUW Funded Program

Mediation & Restorative Justice Center                    Drug Treatment Court

  • Increase access to whole person care for vulnerable populations

Agency                                                                            HCUW Funded Program

Appalachian State University                                      Appalachian Senior Companion Program

Community Care Clinic                                                Reducing Barriers for the Uninsured

Parent to Parent Family Support Network                Parent to Parent

Southmountain Children & Family Services             Therapy Transportation

The Hunger & Health Coalition                                   Pharmacy & Medication Assistance Program


  • Increase high school completion for all learners 

Agency                                                                            HCUW Funded Program

Mountain Alliance                                                         School's Out Program

Mountain Alliance                                                         Character & Leadership Development Program

  • Create sustainable initiatives to support early childhood education for at-risk populations with specific focus on early literacy outreach

Agency                                                                            HCUW Funded Program

Appalachian Foster Grandparents                              Foster Grandparent Program

Children's Council                                                          Raising a Reader Program

Children's Council                                                          Dual Language School 


  • Provide supports to individuals and families to procure and maintain affordable housing 

Agency                                                                            HCUW Funded Program

Avery County Habitat for Humanity                           Family Support Program

W.A.M.Y. Community Action Agency                         Housing Repair Program

Watauga County Habitat for Humanity                     Affordable Home Ownership Program

  • Increase supports to maintain employment 

Agency                                                                            HCUW Funded Program

Avery Association for Exceptional Citizens              Yellow Mountain Enterprise 


  • Provide for basic human needs including food, clothing, shelter, and safety. 

Agency                                                                            HCUW Funded Program

Avery Association for Exceptional Citizens              Group Home Clothing Fund

Mitchell County Shepherd's Staff                               Food Pantry 

The Hunger & Health Coalition                                   Food Assistance Programs

Hospitality House of Northwest North Carolina      Emergency Shelter

OASIS                                                                              Emergency Shelter